Overnight Boarding

$75 per calendar day (+ tax)

Boarding overnight in our home. Pets may be unsupervised up to but not more than 6 hours.

Pickups prior to 10am on final day will not be charged for that day. $50 for the day after 10:00 am

Pets can sleep however is normal for them in your home provided they are settled.

Puppies under 1 year $90 per calendar day (+ tax)

Intact dogs of any age (NOT spayed or neutered) $90 per day (+ tax)



For the period commencing October 1, 2012 sales and use tax at the rate as provided in RIGL §§ 44-18-18 and 44-18-20 is imposed on receipts from the sale of pet care services (except veterinary and testing laboratories services) provided in this state.